Celebrity News : Minnie Driver FINALLY reveals the identity of son Henry’s father

Minnie Driver has come forward to reveal that three-year-old Henry’s dad was a writer on her former television show The Riches.

The 42-year-old actress said the reason she had decided to disclose the man’s identity was because she doesn’t ‘need to protect him any more’.

She added to The Observer magazine: ‘He can fend for himself. He’s a grown-up.

‘We weren’t together and he wasn’t directly in the business so I chose to protect him and not have a rain of publicity.

‘He’s not famous. There’s no big story.’

It had been reported before that the father was a TV writer, who ended his relationship with Driver when she found out she was pregnant.

However, Driver admitted that the man, who she still refused to name outright, has now increased his involvement in their son’s life.

She said: ‘Is he a good dad? Sort of. He’s figuring it out… I mean, he hasn’t been that involved, his choice. But he is now.’

“He can fend for himself he is grown up” Minnie he is 3 !!!!! Bad move I think and one aimed at getting back at the child’s father and relaunching her career.

Wow extremely bad judgement and one that may come back to bite her. Such a shame she used her son to shoot herself it the headlines. Shame on you Minnie!  What do you think?

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